I am Rick Wong, a very enthusiastic weekend photo warrior based in Beijing, China. I have a full-time job in web publishing, and a family (my beautiful wife and 4-year-old son) with plenty of activities to keep us busy during the week. But on the weekends and during vacation, you can find me behind my lens somewhere outside.  

about us

Ever since I discovered my love for photography in 2011, I wanted to learn to take stunning pictures like the street and landscape photographers I saw featured in photography magazines. So I took my camera out of auto mode and started learning how to get the most out of it.

Although I quite enjoy shooting landscapes and street scenes, I’ve also discovered that I love shooting portraits (kids and adults ), cats, and sports. That said, I’ll happily point my camera at pretty much anything that gets me out into the great outdoors.

I’ve been through a few different cameras over the years. My first ever digital camera was the Canon 60D which I purchased back in 2011. A few years later I then swapped over to Ricoh GR II (awesome little compact for architecture, portraits on location, and street shots). In 2018 I purchased my first mirrorless camera – Sony a7 III which has motivated me to improve my photography skills. So I end up sticking with Sony a7 III until now.

Whenever I was about to purchase a new gear or photography setup, I always got confused because there were a lot of options available in the market and it was really hard to get a good one that meets the most of demands. I also discovered a lot of beginners had the same problem as me. 

So, with a team of a few camera geeks, I started this website to provide useful information about photography, cameras, lenses, and much more. Whether you need to buy a new lens for your camera body or want to go for a new camera, our team will be here for you to provide guides for your camera’s gear. 

I hope you’ll find Cameras Trends to be helpful. This website is just as much of a place for me to learn from as it is for you readers to learn from. Whether you just want to say Hi, or you want to ask me anything, I’d be happy to help you. You can contact me through this page. I’d really appreciate any feedback or advice you might have! 

Happy shooting!