14 Best Action Cameras Under $100 (The Ultimate Guide & Reviews)

Investing in an action camera is a fantastic way to capture high-quality footage of adventures. However, high-end options like GoPro and DJI can be quite pricey. Luckily, an action camera under $100 is a good choice for vloggers, adventurers and children who are new to this device.

Whether you’re going hiking, biking, or snorkeling, budget action cameras offer you decent stills and video resolution without breaking the bank.

Moreover, beginners tend to make mistakes that may damage the device. With a budget action camera, the damage is at least not that great.

Over the years, I’ve tested various action cameras, and finally, I found that AKASO Brave 4 is the best action camera for under $100. It offers impressive features and performance, making it perfect for mountain bikers, skiers, divers, and more. 

That said, I also discovered some of the best budget action cameras, the best beginner action cameras, the best underwater action cameras, and more to fit your needs. 

Keep reading to learn about why the AKASO Brave 4 is my favorite and which alternatives I recommend.

List of The 14 Best Action Cameras Under $100

  1. Overall Best Action Camera Under $100: AKASO Brave 4
  2. Best Budget Action Camera Under $100: Akaso EK7000
  3. Best Beginner Action Camera Under $100: AKASO V50X
  4. Best Underwater Action Camera Under $100: Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera
  5. Best reasonably priced Action Camera Under $100: Campark ACT74
  6. Best cheap quality-value Action Camera Under $100: Campark X20
  7. Best 360-degree Action Camera Under $100: Kodak PIXPRO SP360
  8. Best for Multipurpose Use Action Camera Under $100: Apexcam Pro M80
  9. Best for still photos Action Camera Under $100: Actman 4K 20 MP Action Camera
  10. Best entry-level Action Camera Under $100: VanTop Moment 4U 4K Action Camera
  11. Best image stabilization Action Camera Under $100: YI 4K Action and Sports Camera
  12. Best all-rounder Action Camera Under $100: APEMAN A80 4K Action Camera
  13. Best Waterproof Sports Video Camera Under $100: Neewer G2 Ultra HD 4K Action Camera
  14. Best Video quality (at 1080P) Action Camera Under $100: HLS Video Action Camera

14 Best Action Cameras Under $100 Reviewed

Here’s a mini-review to help you pick the right action camera to suit your needs.

1. Overall Best Action Camera Under $100: AKASO Brave 4

The AKASO Brave 4 Action is designed specifically to capture adventures and outdoor activities with ease. It features a superb Sony CMOS 20MP sensor that can shoot native videos at 4K/30fps, 2K/30fps, 1080P/60FPS resolution, and 20MP photos. It can also produce 4K and 2K videos through interpolation.

However, for high-quality videos, I recommend choosing 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second, and for images and photos, 5M or 8M should suffice for decent quality and storage size. The image quality may not match that of a GoPro, but of a sufficient level to preserve some of the most unforgettable moments of my life.

I love its 100ft waterproof capability, which can reach below 30 meters. With its tough and waterproof use, I can capture unique perspectives and and tell the story of my underwater adventures such as snorkeling or diving, without any worry of water damage. 

Plus, with its waterproof housing, I can easily clean my camera after use, ensuring that it stays in good condition for longer.

I was thrilled by its automatic power-saving feature that turns off the screen after a certain period of inactivity to save battery. To turn the screen back on, just simply press the down button, making things convenient for me. 

Another feature I like about this cam is its adjustable view angles when I use it for snorkeling. I love the peace and the beauty of the underwater world. With its large field of view, I can easily capture the stunning coral formations and the vibrant colors of the fish swimming all around me. When I watch the footage I captured while snorkeling, I can feel the peace and happiness that I experienced underwater.

I also like that this cam can adjust the view angle between 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70, which allows for a wider range of shooting options, such as:

  • scenic shots
  • landscapes
  • action sports
  • group shots
  • portraits
  • close-up shots of individuals

I appreciated the anti-shaking technology – EIS & gyroscope stabilizer when I used it on my recent motorcycle trip. I was amazed at the clear views of the road and surrounding landscaping when I attached the camera to the front of my motorcycle. The stabilizer kept the videos smooth and steady, even when I was traveling at high speeds.

Thanks to its Wi-Fi and HDMI connectivity, I can edit & share my exploits and the atmosphere of my adventures in real-time via my iPhone/tablet, and get admired on social media.

Plus, HDMI Port lets me connect my Brave 4 to television with ease. This opens up a new world of possibilities – sharing my adventures with a larger audience if needed. 

There are other features I like:

  • Lens distortion correction
  • Remote control wristband 
  • 19 accessories kit

Thanks to its price, this cam has received more than 14,000 reviews on Amazon.

Speaking of the downside, one potential issue with this action cam is its battery performance in cold temperatures. According to one user, when skiing in temperatures of around 5°C or lower, the battery drains quickly and does not last long

Overall, the ease of use combined with all the features made AKASO Brave 4 a no-brainer purchase if you’re looking for an action camera that won’t break the bank but still provides excellent quality footage. 

2. Best Budget Action Camera Under $100: Akaso EK7000

Action camera is about high-resolution video and image quality, and the Akaso EK7000 provides a cheap and quite competitive alternative to GoPro.

This pocket-sized cam features 4K Ultra HD resolution and has the ability to record at up to 30 frames per second using 16MP. My recommendation is to use 1080 quality to maintain a higher frames per second.

The video quality of my recordings is crisp, clean, and pleasing to the eye, as long as there’s adequate lighting, making it great for capturing my road trips. I even received compliments from friends and family asking if I had upgraded to a more expensive camera.

But the Akaso EK7000 wasn’t just about image quality. It also has a variety of modes that allow me to be more creative when capturing my surroundings. Time-lapse, slow motion, loop recording, and burst photos are just some of the options that opened up new possibilities for recording my adventures.

However, my favorite feature is the wireless wrist remote control, which makes taking action shots so much easier without having to hold onto my phone or camera. The remote is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear, so I don’t have any concerns about carrying it around all day.

Another great aspect is the battery life. The camera comes with two 1050mAh rechargeable batteries providing longer shooting times. This is quite helpful when I am vlogging away from home without easy access to a power source. I can also use the cam while it’s charging, ensuring seamless filming. However, it’s worth noting that using the Wi-Fi feature may reduce the battery life to some extent. 

There are a few more things I liked about this sports camera:

  • Good image quality at 1080/60p for capturing all kinds of adventure activities
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters deep, great for snorkeling or diving
  • The rubberized sides providing a secure grip
  • Plenty of mounts, and chargers included, having everything to start capturing

On the downside, as noted by one user, the audio recording capabilities are not up to the standards, which could impact the overall experience with the camera.

Overall, I was impressed with the value the Akaso EK7000 offered for its low price tag. It exceeded my expectations. If you’re looking for a budget action camera, give Akaso EK7000 a try. 

3. Best Beginner Action Camera Under $100: AKASO V50X

Investing in an action camera is a great way to preserving memories and moments. The AKASO V50X is an excellent choice for this purpose, providing smooth and stable footage during various activities such as skiing, swimming or even playing with a dog, making it ideal for beginners and causal users.

This device delivers quality videos in 4K/30fps, 2.7K 30fps, and 2K 60fps. I highly recommend using the 1080/2K/4K video modes that produces the smooth and flowy clips.

One of the standout features of this cam is its electronic image stabilization (EIS), which smooths out any handshakes or jitters while recording, especially with fast-moving objects. With that, I capture shake-free shots, even when I was running upstairs, thus giving my footage a professional look and feel.

Another feature I love is its adjustable view angle, which allows me to switch between 70° and 170° wide-angle views. This adds versatility to my shots, and I don’t need extra cameras or lenses to capture unique angles.

I was also impressed by the long battery life of the camera. With two rechargeable 1350mAh batteries, I could record up to 180 minutes of footage. With that, I can quickly switch out batteries for multiple takes without waiting for them to charge. And I think I got to save some money from buying new batteries every time.

To make things even better, the AKASO V50X comes with a number of handy accessories, such as a waterproof case, ideal for divers, and various mounts that are compatible with most action cameras, including GoPros. So I have everything I need to start recording.

There are other features I like:

  • Distortion calibration for correcting the image distortion.
  • Intuitive touchscreen for easy to navigate and control of the camera
  • 20MP Sony sensor producing stunning footage in daylight conditions

Speaking of drawbacks, according to one of the users, is the absence of an Android app in the Google Play Store. This means that users who rely on Android devices may not be able to take full advantage of all the features and capabilities offered by the camera.

In conclusion, the AKASO V50X’s small and easy-to-use design combined with powerful features makes it a top choice for beginners. If you want to test whether an action camera is something for you or looking for a nice camera for your children, then the AKASO V50X is a good option.

4. Best Underwater Action Camera Under $100: Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

Action camera is perfect for capturing unique moments underwater. Dragon Touch 4K features professional 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, and 1080P/60fps video resolutions that make underwater footage look flowy and smooth. 

I recommend using 4K/30fps, which is a good balance between video quality and efficiency. 4K provides high-quality video, while 30fps is a common frame rate that strikes a balance between image smoothness and file size. Keeping the frame rate lower helps me save battery life and reduces the storage space needed for saving the videos.

One aspect I love about this waterproof camera is it offers a range of operating modes, like driving mode, loop recording, slow motion, time-lapse, and more. With these, I can get creative with my underwater footage and photos. 

One of my favorite features is its waterproof capability of up to 30m. I found its housing is absolutely waterproof, providing reliable water protection, even with increasing pressure at deeper depths. 

I was initially worried about taking it diving, but I soon feel comfortable using this device without worrying about water damage. This makes it perfect while swimming, surfing, diving, or snorkeling! 

Another aspect I love about this camera is its versatility. It’s suitable for recordings various types of still and videos above water. With its wireless remote control, I can adjust the settings without taking it off my helmet, bicycle, or selfie stick.

I was also impressed by its ease of use. At first, I was a little intimidated by all the buttons and settings. With its intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces, I spent just a few minutes playing around with it, and I was able to get comfortable with all its functions. I’ve been using it to capture all my water adventures and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

There are other features worth mentioning:

  • Ease of installation in various positions
  • Handy mounting accessories for different adventure activities
  • 170° viewing capacity for capturing more comprehensive footage

On the downside, according to one of the users, the audio recording capabilities are not up to expectations. This could impact the overall quality of the recorded video.

In conclusion, I was thrilled with my purchase and excited to use it for my next water adventure. If you’re looking for an underwater action camera that won’t break the bank, the Dragon Touch 4K is worth checking out. 

5. Best Reasonably Priced Action Camera Under $100: Campark ACT74

Action camera brings me a lot of fun and I can capture life’s memorable moments in an exciting way. The Campark ACT74 features 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/60fps, and 720P/120fps resolution for videos and images, making my videos smooth and flowy.

I was immediately impressed with its integrated electronic image stabilizer (EIS) that makes recording easy and fun. Its EIS uses special software to compensate for any bump, shake, or camera tilt during recording. This makes my recordings clear and precise. I can even record moving scenes in good quality. 

I also like its built-in Wi-Fi. It allows me to effortlessly transfer files to my phone or tablet using the Road Cam app. This feature has opened up new doors for me, giving me the option to experiment with various video recording modes such as time-lapse, burst photo, and slow motion. And I can be more creative with the clips.

However, one of my favorite features is the 20MP image capture at up to 30 frames per second, which yields flowy footage. It’s like I’m peeking into another world when I look at my photos. I love how four times more detailed they are compared to regular HD cameras, making them perfect for sharing on Facebook or Youtube.

Other features I like include:

  • The HDMI output for connecting to a PC monitor, easy to view and edit footage. 
  • Accessories compatible with most GoPro cameras, adding even more versatility to setup.
  • Improved waterproof case offering more protection for camera during water-based activities

When it comes to drawbacks, according to one of the users, it may not work with Mac or Apple products. This could be a drawback for users who rely on Mac or Apple products for their multimedia needs.

In conclusion, the Campark ACT74 is a budget-friendly action camera that delivers impressive results. It’s the perfect companion for all my outdoor adventures.

6. Best Cheap Quality-Value Action Camera Under $100: Campark X20

Action camera captures quality videos in adventurous settings. The Campark X20 provides stunning video quality with its native 4K camera. 

The video resolution is crystal clear and the image stabilization is top-notch. It was a huge improvement from my previous adventure camera. For the pictures, this action camera is also a good one. It has a 20MP photo function, keeping the images crisp.

One of my favorite features is the 2″ high-sensitivity IPS touchscreen. I enjoy how convenient it is to preview my shots and access camera settings with just a touch of my finger. The screen is bright and responsive, making the whole shooting experience much more efficient. 

One more connectivity feature I find advantageous about this camera is its remote operation. With its 2.4G remote control, I can easily control the camera with my palm while skiing, cycling, swimming, etc. so I can enjoy my holiday instead of worrying about adjusting the camera.

The 170° wide-angle lens is another great feature, wide enough to capture almost everything my eyes see. Whether I want to take close-up shots of wildlife or panoramic views of landscapes, this lens allows me to switch between these two styles effortlessly without losing clarity, thus adding versatility to my photography

The camera is also lightweight, making it great for long outdoor adventures.

This camera has additional features worth mentioning:

  • Waterproof up to 40 Meters (131 feet) suitable for underwater shooting
  • Built-in stabilizer for smooth and steady footage
  • Continuous shooting mode for capturing multiple images in quick succession

In terms of the downside, some users may encounter problems with the audio quality of the recorded video. This could impact the overall enjoyment and usability of the camera.

In conclusion, the Campark X20 is a highly recommended action camera for anyone seeking high quality at a reasonable price. Its exceptional video quality, image stabilization, and range of features make it a great choice for any adventurer.

7. Best 360-degree Action Camera Under $100: Kodak PIXPRO SP360

The 360-degree camera allows me to record bike rides, and motorbike rides with an all-around view and shares the footage with other people. It is also a useful tool for monitoring my property or living quarters, if necessary.

One of my favorite things about the PIXPRO SP360 is the immersive experience it provides. With its wide range of viewing modes, from 360 Degree Panorama to Globe and Dome, I can show my friends and family a full 360-degree view of my travels and adventures, and they feel as if they are right there with me. 

I appreciated its advanced MOS sensor with 16 million image pixels. With that, the videos are high-speed and crystal clear, especially in good lighting conditions. The colors are bright and vibrant, and with the two microphones, I can even record stereo sound. 

For a relatively low cost, compared to action cameras from other manufacturers, I get high-quality videos with good sound recordings. 

And if I want to get creative with my shots, I can switch to time-lapse or loop recording mode for some cool effects.

I also like the SP360 is built to last, it’s shockproof up to 2m and freeze resistant up to -10 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for extreme weather. 

Moreover, it’s dustproof and splash resistant, so I can take it on any adventure without worrying about damaging it. And, with Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, I can control the camera from anywhere.

However, this camera is not quite suitable for photography. It may not be the primary use for this camera, but if you really want to, you can get beautiful shots with its help. 

If you choose Extreme Pack, you will receive a bundle of convenient accessories, these include:

  • A waterproof box for underwater shooting, 
  • A head strap for hands-free recording
  • A stylish branded camera case
  • A docking station for charging the camera battery
  • A variety of fasteners for all sorts of situations

When it comes to downsides, According to some users, the camera may not be compatible with Android 11 or higher. This could be a drawback for users who rely on their Android devices for their multimedia needs.

Overall, Kodak PIXPRO SP360 is the perfect companion for capturing all angles of my adventures in stunning detail. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a durable and versatile 360-degree camera.

8. Best for Multipurpose Use Action Camera Under $100: Apexcam Pro M80

Action camera is a good alternative to traditional cameras for capturing memories. The Apexcam Pro M80 is the best multipurpose use action camera for under $100. This isn’t the most well-known camera, but it gives me good value for my money.

For starters, this action camera features a 4K video resolution with 26MP image quality at a 30FPS rate, enough to take smooth, shock-free footage and display them sharply. So, not only do I get to record my adventure holidays, but I also get to enjoy watching them. A lower-resolution action camera isn’t worth it, otherwise, the images will look blurry and grainy. 

Nothing is more annoying than when I am speeding down the slope and the camera suddenly turns off because the battery is dead. I was thrilled to discover the Apexcam Pro M80’s battery system. With its dual charger, I can charge two batteries simultaneously, so I always have a backup ready to go.

Moreover, the two 1200mAh batteries provide a recording time of up to 2 hours, more than enough for a full day of exploring. And the best part? I no longer have to spend money on buying new batteries.

One of the standout features of the Apexcam Pro M80 skate film camera is its wireless connectivity. This camera is equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing me to easily transfer all of my footage to my smartphone or tablet through the APP/APK

What sets this feature apart is its impressive range – I can stay connected to my device from up to 3 meters away, which is farther than what most other brands offer. This gives me the flexibility to download my videos and photos quickly and easily, without any hassle.

This action camera has other noteworthy features:

  • Waterproof up to 40 meters, making it perfect for outdoor activities like surfing or skiing
  • Ease of use – simply attaching it to the helmet or bike handlebars, press record, and go.
  • Various shooting modes including loop recording, timer recording, slow motion, Selfie, continuous shooting photos, and screen saver

In terms of the downside, some users say that the housing can become broken. This could be a significant drawback for users who plan to use the camera in wet or aquatic environments.

In conclusion, I am impressed with the value that this action camera offers. The Apexcam Pro M80 is a good entry-level option for outdoor enthusiasts who are new to filming and looking for multipurpose use.

9. Best for Still Photos Action Camera Under $100: Actman 4K 20 MP Action Camera

Action camera allows me to capture my experiences in a unique and engaging way. I’m amazed at how much Actman 4K can do for such an affordable price! 

This cam records Ultra HD video in 4K resolution and takes 20MP still photos. The anti-shaking technology ensures that my shots are always shake-free. 

The action camera itself is also relatively small and it comes with compact dimensions of ‎27.6 x 10.5 x 10.3 centimeters, perfectly fit for my hands. Second, it only weighs 0.61 Kg. That means attaching it to my chest for hours won’t feel like a burden on my end.

But, what caught my attention was its adjustable wide-angle lens. It features a 170-degree super wide-angle field of view that gives me so much more depth and detail. This means that I can capture the action, but also give a brilliant look at my surroundings too.

The IPS touchscreen is another feature that I love. I was amazed by the clear and bright display, which makes it easy for me to change settings, switch shooting modes, and preview and playback footage.

One more feature I find advantageous about this camera is its dash cam mode. By simply turning on the loop recording, I was able to transform it into a professional-grade dash cam. I can capture the footage I need for insurance purposes or other important uses. 

The high resolution, durability, and compact size are just some of the features that make this camera stand out. And with that, I think I got to save some money from buying a separate dash cam.

There are a few more things I liked about this cam:

  • A high-quality waterproof case that allows you to dive up to 100FT/30M
  • Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) that allows you to deliver shake-free videos
  • Built-In WIFI & APP that allows you to share videos or photos on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube

On the downside, according to one user, the audio recording capabilities are not up to the expectations. This could impact the overall quality of the recorded video.

Overall, I am delighted with the Actman 4K; it is both lightweight and durable. With this cam, I can capture stunning shots or use it as a professional dash cam. 

10. Best entry-level Action Camera Under $100: VanTop Moment 4U 4K Action Camera

Action cam improves my creativity with its time-lapse and slow-motion videography features. 

Initially, I was wary of the  VanTop Moment 4U’s budget-friendly price, considering the impressive features such as built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and 20MP photo resolution. However, after using it for a few weeks, I was pleasantly surprised by its excellent picture quality and how well the EIS worked to smooth out any bumps or vibrations.

Another feature I love about this cam is its time-lapse mode, which adds an extra level of visual interest to my footage, making it more engaging and dynamic

I used this mode to capture the sun setting over the city skyline and was blown away by the results. it captured the true colors of the sunset, without adding any artificial filters. It showed the gradual change in light and color as the sun moved lower in the sky. The clouds seemed to move in slow motion, adding an extra layer of visual interest to the stunning view.  This was exactly what I was looking for, a true representation of the beauty of nature. 

The burst photo and slow motion modes also created quality video sequences that left me in awe.

I appreciated its instant connectivity to my phone over WiFi, which allows me to transfer videos and photos to my phone in real-time to free up the camera’s full memory card.  In the past, this would have involved removing the memory card from my camera and reading the files on my computer. This saves me a lot of time and effort, and I can focus on what I love most – capturing life’s memorable moments.

The camera is also easy to use, even for someone new to action cameras like me, with a user manual and intuitive interface. I loved how it made setting up and recording a breeze.

This cam has additional features worth mentioning:

  • Live streaming capability for sharing adventures in real-time with friends and family
  • Waterproof up to 100ft for underwater adventures
  • Good application for switching between all the different modes and access settings on the phone’s screen 

In terms of the drawback, according to one of the users, SD card can become stuck after insertion. This could be a frustrating problem for users who need to regularly transfer or edit their recorded video.

Overall, the VanTop Moment 4U offers premium features at an affordable price. it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable yet budget-friendly entry-level action camera. 

11. Best Image Stabilization Action Camera Under $100: YI 4K Action and Sports Camera

As a vlogger, I love the amazing features this camera offers. The YI 4K action cam can record in 1080p/120fps, 4K/30fps, 720p/240fps, 2.7k/60fps, video, and 12MP raw image enabling low power high-performance processing. 

One of the best things about the YI 4K is its reliable image stabilization system. By default, the camera is set to record in 4K with stabilization disabled, which is great for capturing smooth and steady footage, even when my hands aren’t perfectly still. 

However, I also have the option to enable stabilization, which makes a noticeable difference, especially at higher resolutions. Whether I hike through rough terrain or kayak down rapids, I often find that my footage is smooth and steady. The camera’s image stabilization system effectively eliminates any shakes or vibrations. Although, I have to be mindful that it will use more battery life to do so.

Another great feature of this camera is its battery life. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a high capacity. A single battery can record up to 120 minutes of 4K/30fps video. By simply turning off the camera when not in use, I am able to capture over 2 hours of footage throughout the day before I need to replace the battery.

Plus, I was thrilled that I can recharge my action camera’s battery using the phone’s USB port and a portable battery. This saves me from worrying about running out of power while on a trail, but it also allows me to use one external battery to charge both my cell phone and my camera.

The YI 4K also comes with built-in Bluetooth and high-speed 5GHz/2.4GHz Wi-Fi support, allowing me to easily connect to my smartphone or other devices for remote control, live streaming, playback, download, and sharing capabilities.

This makes it easy for me to share my recordings with my friends or stream them live on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube!  

This action cam has other noteworthy features:

  • The built-in 2.2-inch high responsive LCD Touchscreen for easy navigating the camera’s various functions and setting
  • Various multi-record/capture modes for more creative and fun
  • Voice control adding flexibility to control the cam

When it comes to the downside, as noted by one user, the camera may not have the loop recording feature that was advertised. This could be a drawback for users who rely on this feature.

In conclusion, I am impressed by the YI 4K action camera and its unbeatable value for money. Its impressive features, all under $100, make it one of the best budget action cameras on the market.

12. Best all-rounder Action Camera Under $100: APEMAN A80 4K Action Camera

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought APEMAN A80 4K action cam because it was so much cheaper than a GoPro. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much value this APEMAN A80 4K action camera packs into such a small package. 

The 4k 24FPS, 2K/30fps, 1080P/60FPS video, and 20MP photo resolution provide sharp visuals and clear footage of your adventures. 

One of the best things about this portable and lightweight cam is its ease of use. The variety of mounting options makes it easy to attach to any location I want. With its wireless mode, I can simply operate and control it from a distance. And transferring videos from the camera to my computer couldn’t be easier.

I also like its wide-angle lens, which offers four different view angles, ranging from 170° to 70°, allowing me to capture as much of the scene as possible. I’m so happy that I captured a perfect self-video for my recent hiking trip!

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to use it as a webcam with just a “plug and play” setup. This was something I had always struggled with in my old camera. With this new camera, I now have the ability to create a cost-effective Wi-Fi camera that can be connected to my NAS or other webcams. This has opened up so many new possibilities and I’m excited to see where this will take me.

There are a few more things I liked about this action cam:

  • Variety of shooting modes, like loop recording, car mode, and diving mode, for customizing the recording experience. 
  • HDMI, USB, and AV video output for connecting computers, TVs, and projectors.
  • Handy accessories making it easier to shoot in different positions.

On the downside, according to one of the users, the batteries both didn’t hold a charge. It’s possible that the user received a faulty battery. It’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s warranty and return policy in such cases.

All in all, the APEMAN A80 4K offers fantastic features and benefits at an unbeatable price point. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly action camera that offers maximum value, this action cam is worth considering. 

13. Best Waterproof Sports Video Camera Under $100: Neewer G2 Ultra HD 4K Action Camera

The Neewer G2 Ultra HD 4K has many great features that make it stand out from the competition. It has professional 1080P/60FPS, 4K/25FPS, 2.7K/30FPS video, and 16MP photo resolution. You can record stunningly crisp and clear footage in any situation or environment. 

One of my favorite features is its remote wristband. I love recording my bike rides, but starting and stopping the recording is a hassle as I have to stop and reach for the camera. This action cam with a remote wristband is a game-changer for me.

The wristband makes it so easy to start and stop the recording without taking my hands off the handlebars. I was overjoyed with how much the wristband has revolutionized my video-capturing experience while bike riding.

I also like its auto and countdown features. I remember the first time I took this cam on a camping trip with my friends. I had no idea how to properly use the settings on the camera. That was until I discovered the auto and countdown features. With just a few taps, I was able to set everything to automatically adjust to the perfect settings, and the countdown feature made sure that I never missed a shot.

Another aspect I love about this camera is its back touchscreen, which works well. And I was able to easily change settings, review my shots, and edit footage on my hiking trip. This makes my holiday even more enjoyable.

There are more features I liked:

  • Various shooting modes getting more creativity for footage
  • Waterproof up to 98 feet for water activities
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for sharing footage with family and friends
  • 170-degree wide-angle perspective for capturing the entire scene

On the downside, according to one of the users, this camera produced blurry images at night, but he knew it lacks night vision.

All in all, if you’re looking for a user-friendly action camera that will deliver quality footage, then the Neewer G2 is an excellent choice! 

14. Best Video Quality (at 1080P) Action Camera Under $100: HLS Video Action Camera

HLS Video Action Camera is sure to meet all my needs. It’s perfect for cycling, hiking, surfing, and more. 

The most impressive feature is its resolution; I can capture footage in 

  • 4K/30FPS
  • 2.7K/30FPS
  • 1080P/60FPS
  • 1080P/30FPS 
  • 720P/120FPS

One aspect I love about this camera is its excellent performance for the price even better than I expected. I took this action camera on my bike rides recently, and I was pleasantly surprised that the picture stabilization was smooth, it felt like I was gliding in the wind. The sound quality was crystal clear, allowing me to relive the rush of the wind in my ears. And the anti-shake function was great. No more blurry, shaky footage ruining my memories.

Another feature I love about this cam is its ease of use. At first, the multitude of options seemed daunting. But as I navigated through the menus and became familiar with the sequence, everything began to fall into place. It was a little bit complex, but once I got used to it, the process became much smoother.

The versatility of this action camera is a great feature, as I occasionally use it as a dashcam. The plastic molding that came with it is a bonus, as it allows me to easily attach it to my dashboard. The footage is clear. I can easily capture my road trips and all of the adventures that came with them.

There are other features I’d like to mention:

  • Wireless remote control for convenient operation 
  • A wide variety of mounting accessories for versatile mounting options
  • Waterproof up to 100ft (30m), making it suitable for underwater adventures and other aquatic activities.

On the downside, as noted by one user, is its performance in low-light situations. It delivers quality video and photos with good lighting, but its performance in low-light conditions may not be optimal.

Overall, with its excellent performance, ease of use, versatility, and remote control functionality, this action cam will make capturing your next adventure easier! 

6 Things To Consider When Buying Action Cameras Under $100

Keep reading for six things to consider when looking for an action camera under $100. 

Image Quality  

You want your action camera to take clear photos and videos no matter how much or little light is available. Look for cameras with at least 1080p resolution, as this will give you the best picture quality for low-light situations. Also, check out some sample footage from each model before making a purchase decision. 

Image Stabilization 

Image stabilization can be a lifesaver if you’re planning to take your action camera on adventures like hiking or skiing. This feature reduces unwanted shakes and jitters while recording video so that your footage doesn’t come out looking blurry or fuzzy. 

Some models offer digital image stabilization, while others use more advanced optical image stabilization systems.  


Many action cameras are designed with waterproofing capabilities, either through their waterproof casing or external cases that can be purchased separately. 

Not all cameras are made equal, though; some models may only be able to handle shallow water depths, while others might be able to go deeper down into the ocean depths without taking any damage. 

So when shopping around, pay attention to this feature so you know exactly what kind of protection your camera will have.  

Lens Type 

The type of lens used in an action camera affects how wide of an angle it can capture images from. Most budget-friendly models use fixed lenses with focal lengths ranging from 16mm to 40mm (or even wider). 

However, if you want more flexibility with your shots, look for models with interchangeable lenses so you can easily switch between different angles and perspectives.  

Ease of Use 

Before purchasing any product, it’s vital to get a feel of how easy it is to use and operate properly. Is it intuitive? Does the menu system require too many steps? Are all the buttons clearly labeled? 

These are all questions worth considering before buying an action camera under $100, so you know exactly what kind of user experience it offers before investing in one for yourself or someone else.  

Wi-Fi Connectivity  

If you want to share your photos/videos immediately after recording them, Wi-Fi connectivity is essential for quick transfers! Look for cameras that offer both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections so that sharing the content becomes more accessible than ever before! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What features can I expect in an action camera under $100?

A: All action cameras within this category can capture videos in Full HD, even in 4K, with electronic image stabilization and a wide-angle lens as standard features.

Most models have WiFi, remote control, and a touch screen, and can be controlled with an app on the smartphone. They are all waterproof and can be used when diving to depths of 30 or even 40m. The package typically includes an additional battery and accessories for attachment to the helmet or bicycle.

Q: Who should buy an action under $100?

A: Action cameras under $100 are a great option for videography beginners, for example as a gift for young people or children, or for those looking for a budget-friendly alternative to GoPro.

They can also be a second device for casual use, such as vacations or outdoor activities. The low cost means that even if the camera is lost or damaged, the loss is more bearable than with an expensive professional camera.

Q: How do the image and video quality compare in action cameras under $100?

A: Action cameras under $100 can record videos and capturing photos in Full HD (1080p) resolution. The image and video quality is sufficient for most casual and beginner use cases, such as capturing memories during vacations or outdoor activities, especially during the day light. A lower resolution action cam isn’t worth it, as the images will look blurry and grainy.

However, it’s important to note that low-light performance may not be as good as more expensive cameras, due to factors such as smaller image sensors and lower quality lenses.

Q: What are the battery life and storage options in action cameras under $100?

A: Battery life is a common challenge for all action cameras, including high-end models like GoPro. Most action cameras under $100 will last around 30-50 minutes for continuous video recording without the use of Wi-Fi. Using the camera’s Wi-Fi connectivity can reduce the battery life. While recording at lower resolutions and fewer frames per second can help to save battery life.

Storage options: The maximum capacity of the microSD cards is usually between 32GB and 64GB. It’s important to note that the amount of storage needed will depend on the size of the files captured by the camera. For example, shooting at 4K resolution will result in larger file sizes compared to shooting at 2K, 1080p or 720p.

Q: What are the differences between different video resolutions (e.g. 4K, 1080p, 720p) and which one is best for me?

A: The difference between video resolutions such as 4K, 1080p, and 720p refers to the number of pixels that can be displayed on a monitor. The higher the number of pixels, the higher the resolution and the more detail and clarity can be captured.

We represent resolution in two numbers. Number of pixels displayed horizontally x number of pixels displayed vertically. These include:

  • 4K (Ultra High Definition) has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.
  • Full HD standard (1080p) has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • 720p (Standard Definition) has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

4K is the highest resolution available and provides the highest level of detail and clarity, but it also requires more storage space and processing power. For most beginners, look for action cameras with at least 1080p resolution, which gives you good balance between quality and storage space.

Q: What type of accessories (e.g. mounts, waterproof housing) do I need to use an action camera effectively?

A: Some common accessories for an action camera include:

  1. Pipe clamps: To attach the action cam to the frame of a bike, motorcycle, or ski pole that creates a different perspective.
  2. Chest mount: To film from chest height perspective while skiing or other sports.
  3. Head straps: To film from a higher perspective while skiing or mountain biking.
  4. Helmet mounts: To film from the same perspective as a head strap while freestyle snowboarding or climbing.
  5. Suction mounts: To attach to a moving car or snowboard for a surprising perspective that creates spectacular images.
  6. Selfie sticks and tripods: To film yourself and surroundings, for example when walking in the snow.
  7. Waterproof housing: To protect the camera from water and other elements while swimming, surfing, or snowboarding.
  8. Spare batteries: To extend filming time.
  9. MicroSD card: To store captured photos and videos.


Budget-friendly action cameras are perfect for beginners, as a gift for young people, or as a secondary camera for travel. In case of loss or theft, the impact is less significant compared to that of an expensive professional camera.

If you’re looking for a great action camera that doesn’t break the bank, the 14 options on this list will indeed offer something that fits your needs. 

And, if you’re looking for our top pick, we recommend the AKASO Brave 4. It’s affordable, with features like 4K resolution and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can buy the AKASO Brave 4 and any of the other 13 options on Amazon.

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